Review of Book: Retired. Rewired! Not Expired! By Joel Cadesky | Episode 57

FinancialPodcast.CA: Interviewing Professionals
Review of Book: Retired. Rewired! Not Expired! By Joel Cadesky | Episode 57

1) Why Now?
2) Growing Up in Owen Sound.
3) The Teaching Era.
4) Service, Service, Service.
5) A Personal Legacy.

Guest: Joel Cadesky.

With more than 40 years of experience providing benefits and life insurance advice, Joel is known across the industry for his professionalism, passion and dedication to his valued clients.
Joel started off his career teaching grade 7 & 8 before being drawn into the world of insurance, with his first role in 1978 with Crown Life. While he specializes in life and group insurance, Joel is also licensed and knowledgeable in property and casualty insurance and is RIBO licensed.
Over the years, the line between “friend” and “client” has become blurred for Joel, due to the bonds that are created with many of his clients. He continues provide the highest level of service to his clients, always sharing his extensive knowledge with his warm and friendly smile.
Outside of work, Joel has been an avid professional wrestling fan, as well as a passionate sports fan with a strong allegiance to the Detroit Red Wings. Joel prides himself on a strong sense of family and community and is always happy to talk politics, wrestling…or insurance!


Retirement Income Technical Issues | Episode 54

FinancialPodcast.CA: Interviewing Professionals
Retirement Income Technical Issues | Episode 54

1) Primary Retirement Goals.
2) When to Begin CPP.
3) RRSP vs TFSA.
4) Pension Credit.
5) Age Credit.
6) Medical Expense Tax Credit.
7) Disability Tax Credit.
8) Individual Pension Plans.

Guest: Lesley Bloxham

Lesley has over 28 years of combined experience working in public practice and industry. Her passions are accounting, taxes, planning, and consultation.

She loves working with corporate clients who are in start-up, growth, maintain or wind-up stages to ensure the business is meeting the shareholder’s goals, financial reporting requirements, government obligations, and getting things done right. She also enjoys getting personal and business clients back on track to ensure all CRA tax filings are up-to-date and compliant.

Lesley is taking professional development courses in international tax and works with international non-resident clients who have Canadian investments/property or Canadian resident clients who own foreign investments/property. Educating, training, and consulting clients on “best practices” in techniques, developing processes, and financial monitoring are all very important, especially for the follow-through of the strategic plans for taxes, retirement, Estate and future. The rewards are seeing client’s dreams, goals, and commitments come true.

Lesley Bloxham, Partner
Blasetti Broyles Bloxham LLP
Chartered Professional Accountants

1700 Varsity Estates Drive NW
Calgary, Alberta T3B 2W9
Phone: (403) 277-0511


What is Findependence? An interview with a financial columnist, blogger and author

FinancialPodcast.CA: Interviewing Professionals
What is Findependence? An interview with a financial columnist, blogger and author

What is Findependence and how did the term originate?
What’s the difference between Findependence and Retirement?
How about the difference between Findependence and Victory Lap
Retirement? How did that book come about?
What does Canada’s two-tiered retirement system mean?
How to pensionize a nest egg?
What is the role of annuities?
How to enhance retirement income, delay CPP or OAS?
What are the 4 stages of Retirement?


Jonathan Chevreau is a veteran financial columnist, blogger and author based in Toronto.

In 2014, he launched the Financial Independence Hub, aka, which covers the topic from a North American perspective. It is aimed at both baby boomers and their children, the millennials.  The site has now published more than 1,000 blogs.

He published the financial novel Findependence Day in Canada (Power Publishers, 2008) and a US edition of Findependence Day in the United States (Trafford, 2013, also on Kindle).

Both books make a distinction between traditional “full-stop” retirement and the more useful term, Financial Independence, which the books contract to simply Findependence. In 2014, he also published two concise e-books (also in US and Canadian editions) that summarize the plot and the major financial lessons learned by the characters:  A Novel Approach to Financial Independence (

Jon has also authored several books with traditional book publishers, including The Wealthy Boomer and several editions of Smart Funds, all published by Key Porter Books.

His latest book, co-authored with Mike Drak, is Victory Lap Retirement, was published this fall, and is available at Chapters Indigo and major independent book stores, or online at

He has a large Twitter following at @jonchevreau and uses most other major social media platforms.

Philosophy of retirement, what and how to achieve when you retire

FinancialPodcast.CA: Interviewing Professionals
Philosophy of retirement, what and how to achieve when you retire

This podcast is not about money

-Uncover the potential when you retire
-What is Philosophy of Retirement?
-What is Retirement Life Plan?
-How is the Retirement Life Plan related to a client’s financial plan?

During Gary’s 26 years in the financial services industry, Gary provided financial advice to thousands of clients. He came to recognize that many of these clients were in need not only of financial advice but non-financial advice as well.

Gary W. Poier, CFP
Email Gary at gary [AT] or call (403) 835-0615