General Tax Implications when Investing in Real Estate. Episode 17

Speaker: Natalie Yunes, BAS, CPA, CGA.

1) How are you taxed differently when holding real estate for a long period of time?
2) Calculation of capital gain or loss in real estate.
3) Correctly expensing costs.
4) The impact of taking money from your RRSP to invest in real estate.
5) Buying real estate personally or through a corporation.
6) Owning real estate in another country.
7) Legal suites.

Natalie Yunes is a tax professional with over 25 years of
diversified tax experience both in the industry and in public
accountancy. She has worked at one of the Big4 firms in corporate,
non-for profit, and personal tax fields. Her expertise includes
reporting, compliance and defense of income tax, international tax and
commodity tax issues.
She holds the following degrees – Bachelor of Business Administration,
Chartered Professional Accountant and a Certified General Accountant.

Natalie can be reached at or (416)-895-7749.