Tips for new advisors entering the Financial World. Episode 21

FinancialPodcast.CA: Interviewing Professionals
Tips for new advisors entering the Financial World. Episode 21

1) Scott’s entry into the world of Financial Planning.
2) The success factors.
3) Tips for the new advisors.
4) Some surprises in insurance.
5) What makes Customplan stand out.

Guest: Scott Grant – Senior Financial Advisor.

Since graduating from BCIT in the business program in 1987 Scott has
been an entrepreneur. In 1995 he joined the financial industry where  he
quickly put his leadership skills to work building a significant
practice working with Business Owners, Professionals and Families. Scott
is also a stakeholder in Customplan Financial Advisors Inc. where he
teaches, mentors and speaks to advisors across Canada.

Scott’s designations are many; he is an Elder Planning Counsellor, a
Qualified Associate Financial Planner, and a qualifying member of the
Million Dollar Round Table.



Who are insurance brokers and what they do. Business insurance | Episode 20

FinancialPodcast.CA: Interviewing Professionals
Who are insurance brokers and what they do. Business insurance | Episode 20

1) Benefits of an Insurance broker
2) Home based vs small business
3) What a business owner needs to think about when considering insurance needs
4) What affects insurance pricing
5) Role of a broker in a claim situation
6) Pandemic considerations
7) Advice & Recommendations

Guest: Paul VanderHooft, B Comm, CIP, CAIB.

Paul is a married father of 2, who started in the insurance business in
Manitoba. He has been in the insurance industry for over 20 years and
has many accomplishments to his name. He achieved his Canadian
Accredited Insurance Broker (CAIB) designation, the Chartered Insurance
Professional (CIP) designation, he is a Past President of the Insurance
Brokers Association of Alberta, and he is the Alberta Director of the
Insurance Brokers Association of Canada.  He is the Commercial Manager
with Westland Insurance in Lethbridge, Alberta.
Westland Insurance has been in business for over 40 years and they are
now coast to coast having just expanded to Nova Scotia and Quebec, to
add to their locations in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and
BC. Westland Insurance now employs well over 1600 employees.

Contact information:
Lethbridge office: 403-328-7777

Advice from an Underwriter. Episode 18

FinancialPodcast.CA: Interviewing Professionals
Advice from an Underwriter. Episode 18

1. The role of the Head Office underwriter.
2. Insurable interest.
3. Financial Underwriting, what it takes.
4. Medical history – how do you determine when additional information is required?
5. How does the underwriter determine whether to approve, modify or deny an application for insurance coverage?
6. Are there any major differences in underwriting for the different insurance companies?
7. How long does the underwriting process take?
8. The Cover Letter.
9. Bonus: The importance of good communication. Also, expert witness cases.

Guest: Peter Speers.

Peter has been involved in underwriting for over 35 years, beginning
his career in Winnipeg with Great West Life.  He moved on to Crown Life
and Canada Life where he was the Director of Underwriting. RBC Life Insurance was his next calling, overseeing new business and underwriting.  Now, as a risk mitigation strategist, he works expert witness cases, and for complex cases partners with insurers, reinsurers and Advisors. and 604-899-1212.


Electronic Signature – made in Canada. Episode 16

FinancialPodcast.CA: Interviewing Professionals
Electronic Signature - made in Canada. Episode 16


1)  What is a e-signature?
2)  How does Signority prove that a person signed a document?
3)  What kind of security is in place?
4)  Made in Canada.
5)  Ease of use.
6)  Endorsed by CSIO.
7)  Special offer.

Speaker: Jane He – CEO/Founder at Signority.

Jane has been in the hi-tech industry for 25 years. She has lived in
three continents, born and raised in Shanghai, received her graduate
degree in Europe have been working as a hi-tech professional since 1996
in Canada. She worked at Nortel and several other large companies until
2010, when she started Signority. Over the last 10 years, Signority has
made several significant milestones: in 2016, the Department of National
Defense of Canada has successfully deployed that platform, through the
federal government innovation program, and, for the first time in
history, Signority helped the Government of Canada eSign the first MoU
with the Government of Great Britain.

Special offer:

10% discount off of the web listing price for the first year of a subscription. Just email or call 1-833-222-1088 and mention Financial Podcast.

Overview of the Insurance Sector. Episode 15

FinancialPodcast.CA: Interviewing Professionals
Overview of the Insurance Sector. Episode 15

1)  Changes in the insurance industry in the last 30+ years.
2)  How to add value and provide service to the older population.
3)  Advice to new advisers.
4)  Disability Credit Protect Rider that Empire Life has.
5)  The role technology plays in the insurance industry today.

Speaker: Peter A. Wouters.

Director, Tax Retirement & Estate Planning Services
Peter devotes much of his time working with independent advisors and
other professionals uncovering issues and concerns faced by affluent
individuals, professionals and business owners. He supports their
efforts in researching and developing optimal solutions for clients
aimed at improving their financial well-being and supporting their
personal wishes and lifestyles. He has provided 1000s of workshops,
seminars and technical support throughout the country on tax, retirement
and estate planning issues, concepts and strategies. Peter, an
accredited Registered Financial Gerontologist, educates people of all
professions who work with or specialize in the needs, expectations and
issues of an aging population.  Comprehensive lifestyle planning is an
important element of these processes.  He has been repeatedly
interviewed on regional and national television, radio, newspapers and
journals as a subject matter expert on various industry issues and
developments. He is a prolific writer on matters dealing with
retirement, financial and lifestyle planning.
Among his many professional and industry affiliations are: CALU
(Conference of Advanced Life Underwriting), the Society of Trust &
Estate Practitioners, the Institute of Research & Planning, the Canadian
Tax Foundation, the American Institute of Financial Gerontology and the
American Society on Aging. He is faculty chair of the International
Elder Planning Counsellor program.
A graduate of McMaster University, Northeastern University and Widener
University, Peter has over three decades of experience. He is a true
student of business as attested to by 16 professional designations. His
articles have been published in newspapers, industry bulletins and trade
journals throughout the world.



Visitors to Canada insurance with Travelance. Episode 14.

FinancialPodcast.CA: Interviewing Professionals
Visitors to Canada insurance with Travelance. Episode 14.

1) Three main insurance products that Travelance offers;
2) Discuss long stay and short stay policies for visitors to Canada;
3) Why purchasing from Travelance makes sense vs other online options;
4) Discussion on the super visa and multiple entry visa and how
insurance plays a role;
5) What they cover regarding Covid 19 tests;
6) How teaming up with Travelance can help build an advisors client base.

Speaker: Kristina van der Wal of Travelance
Kristina began her career in the insurance industry in 2009 as a
Personal Lines Insurance Advisor, later joining Travelance in 2014 as
the Regional Sales & Development Manager for Western Canada.

Now, as the Director of Sales and Distribution for Travelance, Kristina
uses her insurance experience along with her post-secondary education in
sales, business and marketing, and business acumen to help brokers
succeed and grow their business with Travelance’s suite of products.

Travelance info
Travelance is a travel and accident insurance provider that focuses on
providing quality products at competitive prices. We are a team of
interdisciplinary professionals. Working together, we’ve created an
open-minded and approachable culture that provides the foundation for
the exceptional support we deliver to a network of clients, including
policyholders, brokers, travel agents, and agencies.
T  1-855-566-8555

Car and home insurance, tips and advice

FinancialPodcast.CA: Interviewing Professionals
Car and home insurance, tips and advice

-Benefits of using an insurance broker
-Will price of insurance change from one broker to another?
-What does affect the price of insurance?
-What endorsement should you have on your policy?
-What should you pay your attention to when you buy an auto insurance?
-Should you notify your insurance company when you use your car for your business?
-If the claim happens is the broker involved?
-Should you have your home and car insurance with the same insurance company?
-What does home insurance cover?
-Advice and recommendations

Barry Haggis, BA joined Young & Haggis team in May of 2011 as a licensed broker.

Email Barry at barryhaggis [AT] or call 403-212-5110

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