Using Technology to Grow Your Insurance Business. Episode 38

FinancialPodcast.CA: Interviewing Professionals
Using Technology to Grow Your Insurance Business. Episode 38

1. The beginning of Trufla.
2. Helping brokers to be found on the internet.
3. Setting a broker up for success.
4. Increasing efficiency with technology.
5. Why Egypt?

Guest: Sherif Gemayel
Sherif is an entrepreneur who is passionate about disrupting the traditional way insurance is done. He uses trends from other industries to help navigate through this unchartered territory, which has led him to build one of the most innovative brokerages in Canada; Sharp Insurance. The knowledge and firsthand experience he has gleaned from Sharp Insurance inspired him to launch Trufla Technology which provides brokers with a complete digital transformation solution their brokerages.

LinkedIn: @sherifgemayel

Building Your Business by Prospecting and Maintaining Relationships. Episode 31

FinancialPodcast.CA: Interviewing Professionals
Building Your Business by Prospecting and Maintaining Relationships. Episode 31

1) Do you want to be a generalist or a specialist?
2) Looking for opportunities to prospect.
3) Some steps in building that relationship.
4) Shortening the gap in relationship building.
5) The importance of continuing education.
6) How to use social media.

Guest: Libby Wildman, the founder of Wildman & Associates.

Libby has over 34 years of financial services and planning experience.
She is the founder of Wildman & Associates, a highly successful Holistic wealth management firm that provided a comprehensive set of financial services and life management products. She merged her firm with Davis Rea Ltd in 2018 and became a senior partner, in order to round out her offering of also managing clients investments. A one stop story shop as she calls it.
Libby is a lifetime member of ADVOCIS and CALU. In 2020 she became the creator of Liminal Escapes where she brings small groups of adventurers together with experts/leaders for transformational experiences. When people connect and create memories, they will share and relive them for years to come. 10 years ago Libby also founded a women’s entrepreneur community called The Collective . In 2014 she was nominated as a Woman of Influence in the Insurance and Investment Journal and is a sought after speaker and thought leader. She lives in Toronto with her Life and business Partner at Davis Rea Ltd John O’Connell and 3 awesome kids.

Cell: 416-803-9255
Office: 416-324-2205
Fax: 416-324-2201
Toll free: 1-877-391-9929 |


Bankruptcy: how it works. Episode 22

FinancialPodcast.CA: Interviewing Professionals
Bankruptcy: how it works. Episode 22

1) Defining insolvency and bankruptcy.
2) Some steps to take for businesses to avoid bankruptcy.
3) Steps to prepare for bankruptcy.
4) How a bankruptcy impacts insurance.
5) How a bankruptcy impact a personal and business ability to get credit again.
6) The advantage of legal representation during a bankruptcy.
7) The change in creditor flexibility during 2020.

Guest: Michael Loberg, Barrister & Solicitor.

Michael Loberg has been practicing law for over 20 years specializing in
commercial litigation and dispute resolution, insolvency, and
restructuring. He became and Attorney-at-Law for the Cayman Islands in
2006, and a Solicitor for the High Court of England and Wales in 2008
(active in Alberta only). Michael has represented a number of large
companies in the areas of receivership, bankruptcies, and restructuring.
As well, he has international insolvency and litigation representations
including complex multi-jurisdictional commercial litigation with
particular emphasis on financial, securities and derivatives litigation,
corporate and partnership litigation, fraud recovery and related
remedies, international and domestic enforcement of judgments, and
dealing with related recovery issues.

Loberg Law
1000 Bankers Hall West
888 – 3rd Street SW
Calgary, AB T2P 5C5
Phone: (403) 457-6680

Who are insurance brokers and what they do. Business insurance | Episode 20

FinancialPodcast.CA: Interviewing Professionals
Who are insurance brokers and what they do. Business insurance | Episode 20

1) Benefits of an Insurance broker
2) Home based vs small business
3) What a business owner needs to think about when considering insurance needs
4) What affects insurance pricing
5) Role of a broker in a claim situation
6) Pandemic considerations
7) Advice & Recommendations

Guest: Paul VanderHooft, B Comm, CIP, CAIB.

Paul is a married father of 2, who started in the insurance business in
Manitoba. He has been in the insurance industry for over 20 years and
has many accomplishments to his name. He achieved his Canadian
Accredited Insurance Broker (CAIB) designation, the Chartered Insurance
Professional (CIP) designation, he is a Past President of the Insurance
Brokers Association of Alberta, and he is the Alberta Director of the
Insurance Brokers Association of Canada.  He is the Commercial Manager
with Westland Insurance in Lethbridge, Alberta.
Westland Insurance has been in business for over 40 years and they are
now coast to coast having just expanded to Nova Scotia and Quebec, to
add to their locations in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and
BC. Westland Insurance now employs well over 1600 employees.

Contact information:
Lethbridge office: 403-328-7777

Electronic Signature – made in Canada. Episode 16

FinancialPodcast.CA: Interviewing Professionals
Electronic Signature - made in Canada. Episode 16


1)  What is a e-signature?
2)  How does Signority prove that a person signed a document?
3)  What kind of security is in place?
4)  Made in Canada.
5)  Ease of use.
6)  Endorsed by CSIO.
7)  Special offer.

Speaker: Jane He – CEO/Founder at Signority.

Jane has been in the hi-tech industry for 25 years. She has lived in
three continents, born and raised in Shanghai, received her graduate
degree in Europe have been working as a hi-tech professional since 1996
in Canada. She worked at Nortel and several other large companies until
2010, when she started Signority. Over the last 10 years, Signority has
made several significant milestones: in 2016, the Department of National
Defense of Canada has successfully deployed that platform, through the
federal government innovation program, and, for the first time in
history, Signority helped the Government of Canada eSign the first MoU
with the Government of Great Britain.

Special offer:

10% discount off of the web listing price for the first year of a subscription. Just email or call 1-833-222-1088 and mention Financial Podcast.

Should I incorporate? A conversation with a lawyer

FinancialPodcast.CA: Interviewing Professionals
Should I incorporate? A conversation with a lawyer

-Who should incorporate?
-What the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating the business
-What is the difference between a corporation and a sole proprietor
-Who should open GST account?
-What is a trade name?
-If you sell online should you open a provincial or federal corporation?
-Should you open a corporation with a lawyer or in the nearest Registry office?

Corrine M. Fiesel has been a practicing lawyer since 2000 and provides services  related to Estate, business and real estate. Corrine is the owner of Legal One Securities & Corporate Law (
She can be reached at (403) 613-5573

Employment law and contracts for self employed people

FinancialPodcast.CA: Interviewing Professionals
Employment law and contracts for self employed people

-Who should need an employment contract?
-What is the difference between a contractor and an employee?
-How much does a contract cost?
-What happens if there is a dispute?
-How much does a contract cost?
-Should employees seek legal advice regarding their contracts?
-Should you draft a contract yourself?
-How to find the right lawyer?
-What happens if you work for a company located overseas?

Murray Harris is a lawyer in Calgary.  He represents individuals and corporations in commercial and personal legal matters throughout Western   Canada; for a time he was also an Attorney in the Cayman Islands.

Murray primarily focuses on employment, commercial and injury claims.  Murray‘s historical experience is vast.  Some of the more notable retainers include acting on a team of lawyers defending the auditors of the Bernard Madoff funds, as well as defending the directors of the defunct SPHinX Group of Hedge Funds.  Murray also acts for select insurers and Lloyd’s syndicates in property and professional liability matters.

Email Murray at harris [AT] or call (403) 992-2067