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Women in the Financial Services Industry. Episode 39

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Women in the Financial Services Industry. Episode 39

1) Explore the difficulty of recruiting women into this field.
2) How much does history have an impact on this challenge?
3) How do we balance the numbers going forward?

Guests: Meghan Vallis, VP for Western Canada for Equitable Life; Libby Wildman, partner at Davis Rea Ltd.

Meghan Vallis
As the Group Sales Vice President for Western Canada at Equitable Life Meghan Vallis leads the Western sales team. She is passionate about helping Advisors succeed to transform their client’s employee benefit experience to what Meghan calls braggable benefits. Her 15-year career has been centered around three pillars: building meaningful relationships, embracing innovative technology and solutions, and harnessing the potential in others to achieve strategic goals while also supporting them as an individual.


Libby Wildman
Libby Wildman, is a partner of Davis Rea Ltd. and creator of Liminal Escapes. Libby’s approach to building a business in the financial services industry is centered around the whole person and creating a relationship with them. She has been in this business for over 3 decades and has mentored many and involved in a number of charities.


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