Wills and Estate Planning – Part 2. Episode 41

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Wills and Estate Planning – Part 2. Episode 41

1) Role of Executor.
2) Selection of Executor.
3) Compensation of Executor.
4) Protection of Executor.
5) Testamentary Trusts.
6) Guardians.
7) Investment Powers of Trustee.

Guest: Jonathan Ng.
Jonathan practices at Underwood Gilholme Estate Lawyers, a group that works exclusively in estate matters.
He assists clients in the preparation of wills, enduring powers of attorney, personal directives, and trusts.  He also advises executors and attorneys on the administration of estates.  Jonathan is experienced in Court applications for grants of probate and administration, and has appeared before the Court on the validation of non-compliant wills and family maintenance and support.
Over the past several years, Jonathan has provided seminars at the Kerby Centre, the Canadian Association of Gift Planners, and various financial institutions.  He has appeared on CBC Radio to discuss the importance of having a Will and other estate topics.  Jonathan is a member of the Canadian Bar Association South Alberta Wills and Trusts Section and the Estate Planning Council of Calgary.

Underwood Gilholme Estate Lawyers
Phone  (403) 288-8855
Email     jonathan.ng@willsandestates.ca

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