Why Use a Business Coach. Episode 40

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Why Use a Business Coach. Episode 40

1) What is a business coach?
2) How is a business coach different from an employee’s manager?
3) How is a business coach different from an accountability partner?
4) Why reading books alone may not be enough.
5) Knowing your clients business.
6) Where to start in the coaching process.
7) Helping clients change their thinking.
8) How coaching can help in different situations.

Guests: Michelle Neustaedter.
Michelle is an entrepreneur whose goal it is to help others succeed. She is a mother of 4 and has been growing people for the last 10 years. Michelle holds a master’s degree in Psychology and is certified as a counsellor (CCPA), coach (JMT), and trainer (JMT).
During the course of her career, she has walked with people through some of their toughest times. She has been invited into people’s most private moments and has had the privilege of seeing significant success and change. Having been through her own series of challenges, both personal and professional, she is able to better understand some of the difficulties companies and individuals can face. She brings the fruit of her training, extensive study and reflection, and life experience to her work.

Contact: P: 403.679.2683 | E: michelle@michelleneustaedter.com
Schedule a consult at www.schedulicity.com/scheduling/EESEAA
Podcast: motivation moments with Michelle
Blog: https://livethefulfilledlife.wordpress.com/

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