What is Findependence? An interview with a financial columnist, blogger and author

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What is Findependence? An interview with a financial columnist, blogger and author

What is Findependence and how did the term originate?
What’s the difference between Findependence and Retirement?
How about the difference between Findependence and Victory Lap
Retirement? How did that book come about?
What does Canada’s two-tiered retirement system mean?
How to pensionize a nest egg?
What is the role of annuities?
How to enhance retirement income, delay CPP or OAS?
What are the 4 stages of Retirement?


Jonathan Chevreau is a veteran financial columnist, blogger and author based in Toronto.

In 2014, he launched the Financial Independence Hub, aka FindependenceHub.com, which covers the topic from a North American perspective. It is aimed at both baby boomers and their children, the millennials.  The site has now published more than 1,000 blogs.

He published the financial novel Findependence Day in Canada (Power Publishers, 2008) and a US edition of Findependence Day in the United States (Trafford, 2013, also on Kindle).

Both books make a distinction between traditional “full-stop” retirement and the more useful term, Financial Independence, which the books contract to simply Findependence. In 2014, he also published two concise e-books (also in US and Canadian editions) that summarize the plot and the major financial lessons learned by the characters:  A Novel Approach to Financial Independence (Amazon.com).

Jon has also authored several books with traditional book publishers, including The Wealthy Boomer and several editions of Smart Funds, all published by Key Porter Books.

His latest book, co-authored with Mike Drak, is Victory Lap Retirement, was published this fall, and is available at Chapters Indigo and major independent book stores, or online at http://www.victorylapretirement.com/

He has a large Twitter following at @jonchevreau and uses most other major social media platforms.

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