Wealth Strategy Planning – Changing the Way Canada Plans. Episode 23

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Wealth Strategy Planning - Changing the Way Canada Plans. Episode 23

1) Discuss John’s  and what inspired him to write it.
2) The difference between a wealth strategy plan and an estate plan.
3) How to simplify the estate planning process.
4) The significance of unanticipated events.
5) The dangers of relying solely on a Will based estate plan.
6) The training to specialize in estate planning.
7) The role insurance plays in estate planning.
8) Will kits.
9) Other tools in the estate planning toolkit.

Guest: John Askin, the founder of Wealth Strategy Group.

John has degrees in both Commerce and Law and is a member of the Law Societies of both Alberta and British Columbia. In addition to advising high net worth clients and families, John also works with corporate clients Sun Life, TD Evergreen, CIBC, Investors Group, the Berkshire Group, Manulife Financial, Scotia McLeod, and the Hong Kong Bank. He is the past president of the Estate Planning Council of Edmonton and current member of the Vancouver Estate Planning Council and the Canadian Tax Foundation. He has written papers for both domestic and international publications. His book “For Love, Not Money” is a great resource for those that don’t realize the importance of a well constructed estate plan.

The Wealth Strategy Group

Wealth Strategy Group

email: taxwiz@shaw.ca, taxwizjohn@gmail.com
phone: 604-531-0814

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