Visitors to Canada insurance with Travelance. Episode 14.

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Visitors to Canada insurance with Travelance. Episode 14.

1) Three main insurance products that Travelance offers;
2) Discuss long stay and short stay policies for visitors to Canada;
3) Why purchasing from Travelance makes sense vs other online options;
4) Discussion on the super visa and multiple entry visa and how
insurance plays a role;
5) What they cover regarding Covid 19 tests;
6) How teaming up with Travelance can help build an advisors client base.

Speaker: Kristina van der Wal of Travelance
Kristina began her career in the insurance industry in 2009 as a
Personal Lines Insurance Advisor, later joining Travelance in 2014 as
the Regional Sales & Development Manager for Western Canada.

Now, as the Director of Sales and Distribution for Travelance, Kristina
uses her insurance experience along with her post-secondary education in
sales, business and marketing, and business acumen to help brokers
succeed and grow their business with Travelance’s suite of products.

Travelance info
Travelance is a travel and accident insurance provider that focuses on
providing quality products at competitive prices. We are a team of
interdisciplinary professionals. Working together, we’ve created an
open-minded and approachable culture that provides the foundation for
the exceptional support we deliver to a network of clients, including
policyholders, brokers, travel agents, and agencies.
T  1-855-566-8555

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