The Wealthy Buddhist | Episode 51

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The Wealthy Buddhist | Episode 51

1) The Main Message of The Wealthy Buddhist.
2) A Philosophy.
3) A Beginner’s Mind.
4) Right Livelihood.
5) An Entrepreneur.
6) Ability Trust and Integrity Trust.
7) Spending Mindfully.
8) Investing Mindfully.

Rod Burylo, CIM, FCSI, is the Manager of EMD and IFM Services, and Chairs the Investment Review Committee, for Axcess Capital Advisors. He has worked throughout the financial services for a wide variety of companies in roles that include CCO, CFO and Director.

For over 30 years, Rod has been designing and delivering continuing education as a writer and speaker on the topic of business ethics ethics and professional responsibility for several designation and registration categories, including CPA, CFP, PBA and IIROC. He is a 2004 Canadian Advisor of the Year Award winner, 2019 Champion of Financial Literacy Award Finalist, and author of three books, including The Wealthy Buddhist (2019).

Rod also consults to boards and leadership teams on topics that include governance, communications strategy, and regulatory compliance. He has served on the board of public and private companies, as well as professional associations and not for profits, including the National Exempt Market Association, Foundation for the Advancement of Entrepreneurship, and the Public Business Accountants Society.

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