The Insurance Broker Always Rings Twice. Episode 37

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FinancialPodcast.CA: Interviewing Professionals
The Insurance Broker Always Rings Twice. Episode 37

1) Why to always go above and beyond.
2) 17 tips for building your business (some are):
– Enjoy yourself;
– Your word is your bond;
– Your to-do list;
– Respect your competitors.

Guest: Joel Cadesky
Joel was born and lived in Owen Sound Ont until he went to University of
Guelph where he graduated with a general BA with a sociology major. He
continued his education by going to teacher’s college at Western
University and then taught for several years in Aylmer, Ontario.
In 1978 Joel started a new career in the insurance industry and moved
his family to Toronto. Joel has successfully built his business and
career and continues to sell group benefits and also individual products
such as life insurance, mortgage insurance, income replacement insurance
and critical illness insurance to name a few.
In his off time, he is an avid sports enthusiast watching baseball,
hockey, basketball and golf on TV. He has an avid interest in watching
the entertainment provided by Professional Wrestling- having been to 3
Wrestlemanias-#6,11 and 18.

Contact Info:
phone: 416-414-0309

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