The Importance of Financial Literacy. Episode 27.

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FinancialPodcast.CA: Interviewing Professionals
The Importance of Financial Literacy. Episode 27.

1) How FLC began and why they discovered the importance of teaching financial literacy.
2) Who FLC serves.
3) What is a family office.
4) Why teaching multi generations about financial literacy is important in preserving and building wealth.
5) The different financial literacy programs in elementary schools, high schools, and Universities.
6) Final thoughts and suggestions.

Guest: Alphil Guilaran, Co-Founder at Financial Literacy Counsel (FLC).

Alphil was born and raised in Vancouver by immigrant parents from the Philippines.
He graduated from University of British Columbia with a degree in Political Science in 2000. He has worked for both CIBC World Markets and RBC Capital Markets. Alphil has a passion to “build financially literate generations” through teaching and financial coaching. He teaches financial literacy with a unique emphasis on helping Canadians get their financial houses in order, become retirement ready, and train heirs and beneficiaries to be financially responsible. Aside from setting up financial literacy programs in and around Vancouver, Alphil is a lifetime member of the Million Dollar Roundtable.

Phone: 604-620-6630

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