The Exempt Market | Episode 52.

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FinancialPodcast.CA: Interviewing Professionals
The Exempt Market | Episode 52.

1) The Exempt Market.
2) The Major Differences.
3) The Risks.
4) How to Purchase Exempt Products.
5) Eligibility for Registered Plans.

Guest:  Sheila Nielsen  

I grew up on a farm in rural Alberta and learned many of life’s important lessons there. I had an idyllic childhood filled with the freedom to explore, build tree houses, help with the farm work and look after the animals. This gave me a deep appreciation for the land, the value of hard work and a sense of community.

I earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree and upon graduation I worked for a telecommunications company as a Programmer/Analyst for 10 years. This work included analysis, design and implementation of many systems in the billing and marketing departments.

A keen interest in personal finance and an eagerness to ‘spread the word’ about private investing motivated me to become a registered Exempt Market Dealing Representative. I became registered with Raintree Financial Solutions early in 2012. I believe Raintree Financial Solutions’ rigorous due diligence process and focus on alignment are paramount in looking after investor’s best interests.

I have a down-to-earth, common sense approach to life. My goal is to educate others about the existence of the Private Capital Market and the alternative investment choices available and to determine if it is suitable for them. Private investing is an excellent way to diversify an investor’s portfolio where eligibility and suitability have been determined. I invite you to call me today to learn more.

203-304 Main Street South
Suite #174, Airdrie, Alberta
P 403.305.9284

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