Retirement Income Technical Issues | Episode 54

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Retirement Income Technical Issues | Episode 54

1) Primary Retirement Goals.
2) When to Begin CPP.
3) RRSP vs TFSA.
4) Pension Credit.
5) Age Credit.
6) Medical Expense Tax Credit.
7) Disability Tax Credit.
8) Individual Pension Plans.

Guest: Lesley Bloxham

Lesley has over 28 years of combined experience working in public practice and industry. Her passions are accounting, taxes, planning, and consultation.

She loves working with corporate clients who are in start-up, growth, maintain or wind-up stages to ensure the business is meeting the shareholder’s goals, financial reporting requirements, government obligations, and getting things done right. She also enjoys getting personal and business clients back on track to ensure all CRA tax filings are up-to-date and compliant.

Lesley is taking professional development courses in international tax and works with international non-resident clients who have Canadian investments/property or Canadian resident clients who own foreign investments/property. Educating, training, and consulting clients on “best practices” in techniques, developing processes, and financial monitoring are all very important, especially for the follow-through of the strategic plans for taxes, retirement, Estate and future. The rewards are seeing client’s dreams, goals, and commitments come true.

Lesley Bloxham, Partner
Blasetti Broyles Bloxham LLP
Chartered Professional Accountants

1700 Varsity Estates Drive NW
Calgary, Alberta T3B 2W9
Phone: (403) 277-0511


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