Overview of the Insurance Sector. Episode 15

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FinancialPodcast.CA: Interviewing Professionals
Overview of the Insurance Sector. Episode 15

1)  Changes in the insurance industry in the last 30+ years.
2)  How to add value and provide service to the older population.
3)  Advice to new advisers.
4)  Disability Credit Protect Rider that Empire Life has.
5)  The role technology plays in the insurance industry today.

Speaker: Peter A. Wouters.

Director, Tax Retirement & Estate Planning Services
Peter devotes much of his time working with independent advisors and
other professionals uncovering issues and concerns faced by affluent
individuals, professionals and business owners. He supports their
efforts in researching and developing optimal solutions for clients
aimed at improving their financial well-being and supporting their
personal wishes and lifestyles. He has provided 1000s of workshops,
seminars and technical support throughout the country on tax, retirement
and estate planning issues, concepts and strategies. Peter, an
accredited Registered Financial Gerontologist, educates people of all
professions who work with or specialize in the needs, expectations and
issues of an aging population.  Comprehensive lifestyle planning is an
important element of these processes.  He has been repeatedly
interviewed on regional and national television, radio, newspapers and
journals as a subject matter expert on various industry issues and
developments. He is a prolific writer on matters dealing with
retirement, financial and lifestyle planning.
Among his many professional and industry affiliations are: CALU
(Conference of Advanced Life Underwriting), the Society of Trust &
Estate Practitioners, the Institute of Research & Planning, the Canadian
Tax Foundation, the American Institute of Financial Gerontology and the
American Society on Aging. He is faculty chair of the International
Elder Planning Counsellor program.
A graduate of McMaster University, Northeastern University and Widener
University, Peter has over three decades of experience. He is a true
student of business as attested to by 16 professional designations. His
articles have been published in newspapers, industry bulletins and trade
journals throughout the world.




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