Managing Wealth is a Family Affair Part 2. Episode 34

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Managing Wealth is a Family Affair Part 2. Episode 34

1) Financial literacy for 14 – 18yrs old.
2) Approaches to take when introducing financial literacy.
3) Some important financial management principles.
4) What is compound interest?
5) What is dollar cost averaging?
6) Explanation of a Family Office.
7) The benefit to an advisor.

Guest: Alphil Guilaran, Co-Founder at Financial Literacy Counsel (FLC).

Alphil was born and raised in Vancouver by immigrant parents from the Philippines. Alphil graduated from University of British Columbia with a degree in Political Science in 2000. He has worked for both CIBC World Markets and RBC Capital Markets. Alphil has a passion to “build financially literate generations” through teaching and financial coaching. He teaches financial literacy with a unique emphasis on helping Canadians get their financial houses in order, become retirement ready, and train heirs and beneficiaries to be financially responsible.
Alphil is a lifetime member of the Million Dollar Roundtable.


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