From a Man with 40 Years of Experience. Part 1 | Episode 53

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From a Man with 40 Years of Experience. Part 1 | Episode 53

1) The Importance of Discipline;
2) A 40 Year Journey Begins;
3) Finding Inspiration;
4) Handling Adversity;
5) Being a Leader;
6) How to Value Clients.

Guest:  Joel Cadesky

With more than 40 years of experience providing benefits and life insurance advice, Joel is known across the industry for his professionalism, passion and dedication to his valued clients.
Joel started off his career teaching grade 7 & 8 before being drawn into the world of insurance, with his first role in 1978 with Crown Life. While he specializes in life and group insurance, Joel is also licensed and knowledgeable in property and casualty insurance and is RIBO licensed.
Over the years, the line between “friend” and “client” has become blurred for Joel, due to the bonds that are created with many of his clients. He continues provide the highest level of service to his clients, always sharing his extensive knowledge with his warm and friendly smile.
Outside of work, Joel has been an avid professional wrestling fan, as well as a passionate sports fan with a strong allegiance to the Detroit Red Wings. Joel prides himself on a strong sense of family and community and is always happy to talk politics, wrestling…or insurance!


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