Financial Advisor Practice | Episode 46

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FinancialPodcast.CA: Interviewing Professionals
Financial Advisor Practice | Episode 46

1) Sole Proprietor versus Incorporation.
2) Financial Advisor as an Employee.
3) Salary Income versus Dividend Income.
4) Deduction of Basic Expenses.
5) Meals and Entertainment.
6) Membership Fees.
7) Current Expenses versus Capital Expenses.

Irfanali started his accounting practice in 2011 after completing his designation with Deloitte. As an entrepreneur at heart he feels the foundation of a strong business lies in its numbers and that is what drove him to accounting. His passion has allowed him to scale his firm, RMI Professional Corporation to a team of over 25 staff and servicing over 1500 clients annually. He has extensive knowledge in small business accounting working with various corporations and individuals including some financial advisors. Irfanali tries to live a balanced life as he is a proud husband and father of two, in his spare time he enjoys all things business and sports, mainly hockey.

Irfanali Moledina
Managing Partner
RMI Professional Corporation

203 – 2916 19th St. NE
Calgary, AB T2E 6Y9
Phone: (403) 457-4232

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