Dave Patriarche and “Selling Benefits” Understanding Selling Group Insurance Part 2. Episode 36

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Dave Patriarche and "Selling Benefits" Understanding Selling Group Insurance Part 2. Episode 36

1) The creation of Canadian Group Insurance Brokers.
2) The importance of having a mentor.
3) Never stop asking questions.
4) Even one person can make lasting change.
5) Outsourcing tasks you’re not strong in.
6) The advantages to specializing.

Guest: Dave Patriarche-Employee Benefits Specialist, Association Founder, Educator & Bestselling author.

Dave Patriarche founded Mainstay in 1996 to provide employee benefits to small business. A strong believer in continuing education in this area, he started a small networking group in 2003, which evolved into Canadian Group Insurance Brokers, an organization dedicated to supporting continuing education for the benefits industry.
Dave is recognized as a leader in the benefits industry, a contributor to industry publications, a mentor and resource to benefit brokers and an active participant in industry think tank groups.

Email: dave@mainstayinsurance.ca
Phone: (905) 886-9203 or 1-877-624-6789
Websites: https://www.mainstayinsurance.ca/, https://cgib.ca/, http://sellingbenefits.ca/

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