Dave Patriarche and “Selling Benefits” Understanding Selling Group Insurance Part 1. Episode 36

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Dave Patriarche and "Selling Benefits" Understanding Selling Group Insurance Part 1. Episode 36

1) Discuss his book “Selling Benefits”.
2) Selling Group Benefits to small and medium sized businesses.
3) When to walk away from a client.
4) Why rate shopping hurts the client.
5) The benefits of educating your clients.
6) The importance of storytelling.

Guest: Dave Patriarche-Employee Benefits Specialist, Association Founder, Educator & Bestselling author.

Dave Patriarche founded Mainstay in 1996 to provide employee benefits to small business. A strong believer in continuing education in this area, he started a small networking group in 2003, which evolved into Canadian Group Insurance Brokers, an organization dedicated to supporting continuing education for the benefits industry.
Dave is recognized as a leader in the benefits industry, a contributor to industry publications, a mentor and resource to benefit brokers and an active participant in industry think tank groups.

Email: dave@mainstayinsurance.ca
Phone: (905) 886-9203 or 1-877-624-6789
Websites: https://www.mainstayinsurance.ca/, https://cgib.ca/, http://sellingbenefits.ca/

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