Building Your Business by Prospecting and Maintaining Relationships. Episode 31

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FinancialPodcast.CA: Interviewing Professionals
Building Your Business by Prospecting and Maintaining Relationships. Episode 31

1) Do you want to be a generalist or a specialist?
2) Looking for opportunities to prospect.
3) Some steps in building that relationship.
4) Shortening the gap in relationship building.
5) The importance of continuing education.
6) How to use social media.

Guest: Libby Wildman, the founder of Wildman & Associates.

Libby has over 34 years of financial services and planning experience.
She is the founder of Wildman & Associates, a highly successful Holistic wealth management firm that provided a comprehensive set of financial services and life management products. She merged her firm with Davis Rea Ltd in 2018 and became a senior partner, in order to round out her offering of also managing clients investments. A one stop story shop as she calls it.
Libby is a lifetime member of ADVOCIS and CALU. In 2020 she became the creator of Liminal Escapes where she brings small groups of adventurers together with experts/leaders for transformational experiences. When people connect and create memories, they will share and relive them for years to come. 10 years ago Libby also founded a women’s entrepreneur community called The Collective . In 2014 she was nominated as a Woman of Influence in the Insurance and Investment Journal and is a sought after speaker and thought leader. She lives in Toronto with her Life and business Partner at Davis Rea Ltd John O’Connell and 3 awesome kids.

Cell: 416-803-9255
Office: 416-324-2205
Fax: 416-324-2201
Toll free: 1-877-391-9929 |


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