Advice from an Underwriter. Episode 18

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FinancialPodcast.CA: Interviewing Professionals
Advice from an Underwriter. Episode 18

1. The role of the Head Office underwriter.
2. Insurable interest.
3. Financial Underwriting, what it takes.
4. Medical history – how do you determine when additional information is required?
5. How does the underwriter determine whether to approve, modify or deny an application for insurance coverage?
6. Are there any major differences in underwriting for the different insurance companies?
7. How long does the underwriting process take?
8. The Cover Letter.
9. Bonus: The importance of good communication. Also, expert witness cases.

Guest: Peter Speers.

Peter has been involved in underwriting for over 35 years, beginning
his career in Winnipeg with Great West Life.  He moved on to Crown Life
and Canada Life where he was the Director of Underwriting. RBC Life Insurance was his next calling, overseeing new business and underwriting.  Now, as a risk mitigation strategist, he works expert witness cases, and for complex cases partners with insurers, reinsurers and Advisors. and 604-899-1212.


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