Building Your Business by Prospecting and Maintaining Relationships. Episode 31

FinancialPodcast.CA: Interviewing Professionals
Building Your Business by Prospecting and Maintaining Relationships. Episode 31

1) Do you want to be a generalist or a specialist?
2) Looking for opportunities to prospect.
3) Some steps in building that relationship.
4) Shortening the gap in relationship building.
5) The importance of continuing education.
6) How to use social media.

Guest: Libby Wildman, the founder of Wildman & Associates.

Libby has over 34 years of financial services and planning experience.
She is the founder of Wildman & Associates, a highly successful Holistic wealth management firm that provided a comprehensive set of financial services and life management products. She merged her firm with Davis Rea Ltd in 2018 and became a senior partner, in order to round out her offering of also managing clients investments. A one stop story shop as she calls it.
Libby is a lifetime member of ADVOCIS and CALU. In 2020 she became the creator of Liminal Escapes where she brings small groups of adventurers together with experts/leaders for transformational experiences. When people connect and create memories, they will share and relive them for years to come. 10 years ago Libby also founded a women’s entrepreneur community called The Collective . In 2014 she was nominated as a Woman of Influence in the Insurance and Investment Journal and is a sought after speaker and thought leader. She lives in Toronto with her Life and business Partner at Davis Rea Ltd John O’Connell and 3 awesome kids.

Cell: 416-803-9255
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Fax: 416-324-2201
Toll free: 1-877-391-9929 |


Investor Tips. Episode 30

FinancialPodcast.CA: Interviewing Professionals
Investor Tips. Episode 30

Investor Tips
Tip #1: Don’t constantly check your portfolio.
Tip #2: Ignore the media messengers.
Tip #3: Be an investor, not a trader.

Guest: Vitaliy Katsenelson is the CEO of Investment Management Associates, Inc in the USA, a firm he’s been with since 1997.

Vitaliy was born and raised in Murmansk, Russia (north of the Arctic Circle) and immigrated to the US in 1991. He completed his undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Colorado. While completing his masters, he also studied for the CFA exams and received his CFA Charter in 2000. Vitaliy started teaching investing to undergraduates at the University of Colorado in 2001 until 2007. He has authored two books: Active Value Investing, The Little Book of Sideways Markets, and is currently working on his third – The Intellectual Investor. He has written articles for, Christian Science Monitor, Businessweek, Kiplinger’s, Barron’s and many others. He also writes articles on his own website – the ContrarianEdge where he talks about a wide range of subjects.
Vitaliy is married with three children.


Estate Planning and Trust Services for Credit Union Customers. Episode 29

FinancialPodcast.CA: Interviewing Professionals
Estate Planning and Trust Services for Credit Union Customers. Episode 29

1) What Concentra Trust is.
2) Estate planning and trust services with a broker.
3) Identifying the right client for this service.
4) Bringing in the experts.

Guest: Jandy John, the Director of Business Development at Concentra Trust.

Jandy is a trust professional with extensive experience managing fiduciary appointments involving a broad range of structures including trusts, estates, guardianships, powers of attorney and corporations. Jandy is well versed in creating comprehensive technical and tax efficient estate planning solutions that brings together the personal and emotional objectives that often influence estate, trust, and incapacity planning.
Because Jandy has experiences at several major financial institutions and leading trust companies, she draws from a wide range of best practices an provide pragmatic and customized solutions.
Jandy is also an advocate of helping women advance in the trust industry.

P: 647-524-7269

How Insurance Can Help with Taxes. Episode 28.

FinancialPodcast.CA: Interviewing Professionals
How Insurance Can Help with Taxes. Episode 28.

1) How to use insurance to mitigate taxes in a corporation.
2) What to be aware of when setting up an insurance policy from a tax perspective.
3) Why it’s important to include a tax expert as part of the financial planning team.
4) Further suggestion for ensuring taxes are taken care of.
5) Other services MNP provides.

Guest: Aina Potts, CPA, CA, is a Business Advisor with MNP’s Tax Services team in Red Deer.

Focusing on specialty tax, Aina works with businesses in various industries, including family farms and professionals, helping them maximize wealth and minimize tax so they can achieve their business and personal goals. Aina draws on a decade of experience to help clients with the tax aspects of corporate restructuring, succession and estate planning. As a trusted advisor, she gets to know clients and their operations so she can deliver reliable, efficient tax advice and solutions customized to their unique situations. After receiving a Business Administration Diploma, with Distinction, from Red Deer College, majoring in accounting, Aina earned a Bachelor of Management degree, with Distinction, from the University of Lethbridge. She is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), qualifying as a Chartered Accountant (CA) and has completed Level II of CPA Canada’s In-depth Tax Course.

phone: 403-346-8878
TOLL FREE 1.877.500.0779
Mailing Address:
4922 – 53 St.
Red Deer, AB
T4N 2E9

The Importance of Financial Literacy. Episode 27.

FinancialPodcast.CA: Interviewing Professionals
The Importance of Financial Literacy. Episode 27.

1) How FLC began and why they discovered the importance of teaching financial literacy.
2) Who FLC serves.
3) What is a family office.
4) Why teaching multi generations about financial literacy is important in preserving and building wealth.
5) The different financial literacy programs in elementary schools, high schools, and Universities.
6) Final thoughts and suggestions.

Guest: Alphil Guilaran, Co-Founder at Financial Literacy Counsel (FLC).

Alphil was born and raised in Vancouver by immigrant parents from the Philippines.
He graduated from University of British Columbia with a degree in Political Science in 2000. He has worked for both CIBC World Markets and RBC Capital Markets. Alphil has a passion to “build financially literate generations” through teaching and financial coaching. He teaches financial literacy with a unique emphasis on helping Canadians get their financial houses in order, become retirement ready, and train heirs and beneficiaries to be financially responsible. Aside from setting up financial literacy programs in and around Vancouver, Alphil is a lifetime member of the Million Dollar Roundtable.

Phone: 604-620-6630

Why Social Media Matters. Episode 26.

FinancialPodcast.CA: Interviewing Professionals
Why Social Media Matters. Episode 26.

– Why social media is important to the financial services industry.
– Finding the sweet spot in the number of posts per day.
– Engaging your followers.
– Which platform works best for financial services.
– The value of paid ads.
– How else to engage with your network and connections.

Guest: Megan Lockhart, the founder of a digital marketing company Hello Life Academy.

Megan is a mother of two, dog owner, online store owner and volunteers her time with the women’s shelter local to her area. She loves helping small business owners understand and create amazing marketing plans that increase their audience size ultimately increasing their sales.

You can find Megan at

Why You Want to Refer Clients. Episode 25.

FinancialPodcast.CA: Interviewing Professionals
Why You Want to Refer Clients. Episode 25.

1) How a referral arrangement works.
2) Who you would want to set up an arrangement with.
3) Some of the advantages of a referral arrangement.
4) Some of the disadvantages.
5) Who do you use and how many referral partners do you have.
6) What to do when you just want to remain in the Insurance Industry.

Guest: David LeNevue, Chartered Investment Manager, a Certified Executor Advisor, an active member of the Independent Financial Brokers of Canada, and a member of the Million Dollar Roundtable.

David went to University in New York where he had an outstanding academic and athletic career. For those hockey fans amongst us – David was also a professional goaltender in the NHL playing with the Phoenix Coyotes, Anaheim Ducks, and Columbus Blue Jackets before ending his career with the New York Rangers in the Stanley Cup Finals in 2014.

Contact info:


Tax Returns Made Easy. Episode 24

FinancialPodcast.CA: Interviewing Professionals
Tax Returns Made Easy. Episode 24

1) The importance of being prepared to file your tax return.
2) When to start thinking about taxes.
3) The first step in preparing a tax return.
4) When to expect to receive documents.
5) What to do when you don’t get all the slips.
6) An overview of MyAccount with the Government of Canada.
7) What’s involved in e-filing your tax return.
8) Why audits happen.
9) Common mistakes made on tax returns.

Guest: Natalie Yunes, Bachelor of Business Administration, Chartered Professional Accountant and a Certified General Accountant.

Natalie Yunes is a tax professional with over 25 years of diversified tax experience both in the industry and in public accountancy. She has worked at one of the Big4 firms in corporate, non-for profit, and personal tax fields. Her expertise includes reporting, compliance and defense of income tax, international tax and commodity tax issues.

Contact Info:


Wealth Strategy Planning – Changing the Way Canada Plans. Episode 23

FinancialPodcast.CA: Interviewing Professionals
Wealth Strategy Planning - Changing the Way Canada Plans. Episode 23

1) Discuss John’s  and what inspired him to write it.
2) The difference between a wealth strategy plan and an estate plan.
3) How to simplify the estate planning process.
4) The significance of unanticipated events.
5) The dangers of relying solely on a Will based estate plan.
6) The training to specialize in estate planning.
7) The role insurance plays in estate planning.
8) Will kits.
9) Other tools in the estate planning toolkit.

Guest: John Askin, the founder of Wealth Strategy Group.

John has degrees in both Commerce and Law and is a member of the Law Societies of both Alberta and British Columbia. In addition to advising high net worth clients and families, John also works with corporate clients Sun Life, TD Evergreen, CIBC, Investors Group, the Berkshire Group, Manulife Financial, Scotia McLeod, and the Hong Kong Bank. He is the past president of the Estate Planning Council of Edmonton and current member of the Vancouver Estate Planning Council and the Canadian Tax Foundation. He has written papers for both domestic and international publications. His book “For Love, Not Money” is a great resource for those that don’t realize the importance of a well constructed estate plan.

The Wealth Strategy Group

Wealth Strategy Group

phone: 604-531-0814

Bankruptcy: how it works. Episode 22

FinancialPodcast.CA: Interviewing Professionals
Bankruptcy: how it works. Episode 22

1) Defining insolvency and bankruptcy.
2) Some steps to take for businesses to avoid bankruptcy.
3) Steps to prepare for bankruptcy.
4) How a bankruptcy impacts insurance.
5) How a bankruptcy impact a personal and business ability to get credit again.
6) The advantage of legal representation during a bankruptcy.
7) The change in creditor flexibility during 2020.

Guest: Michael Loberg, Barrister & Solicitor.

Michael Loberg has been practicing law for over 20 years specializing in
commercial litigation and dispute resolution, insolvency, and
restructuring. He became and Attorney-at-Law for the Cayman Islands in
2006, and a Solicitor for the High Court of England and Wales in 2008
(active in Alberta only). Michael has represented a number of large
companies in the areas of receivership, bankruptcies, and restructuring.
As well, he has international insolvency and litigation representations
including complex multi-jurisdictional commercial litigation with
particular emphasis on financial, securities and derivatives litigation,
corporate and partnership litigation, fraud recovery and related
remedies, international and domestic enforcement of judgments, and
dealing with related recovery issues.

Loberg Law
1000 Bankers Hall West
888 – 3rd Street SW
Calgary, AB T2P 5C5
Phone: (403) 457-6680

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