Visitors to Canada insurance with Travelance. Episode 14.

1) Three main insurance products that Travelance offers;
2) Discuss long stay and short stay policies for visitors to Canada;
3) Why purchasing from Travelance makes sense vs other online options;
4) Discussion on the super visa and multiple entry visa and how
insurance plays a role;
5) What they cover regarding Covid 19 tests;
6) How teaming up with Travelance can help build an advisors client base.

Speaker: Kristina van der Wal of Travelance
Kristina began her career in the insurance industry in 2009 as a
Personal Lines Insurance Advisor, later joining Travelance in 2014 as
the Regional Sales & Development Manager for Western Canada.

Now, as the Director of Sales and Distribution for Travelance, Kristina
uses her insurance experience along with her post-secondary education in
sales, business and marketing, and business acumen to help brokers
succeed and grow their business with Travelance’s suite of products.

Travelance info
Travelance is a travel and accident insurance provider that focuses on
providing quality products at competitive prices. We are a team of
interdisciplinary professionals. Working together, we’ve created an
open-minded and approachable culture that provides the foundation for
the exceptional support we deliver to a network of clients, including
policyholders, brokers, travel agents, and agencies.
T  1-855-566-8555

Episode 13. What is a health spending account

1) Overview of how a health spending account works.
2) What it can or cannot include.
3) How it benefits the employer.
4) Potential tax implications.
5) How clients can quality.
6) The benefits of outsourcing it vs running in-house.

An interview with Andrew Brandsma

About Andrew Brandsma:

Andrew is the Director of Sales and New Business Development at National HealthClaim in Calgary, AB. He holds a degree in Commerce specializing in Risk Management and Insurance. Over the last 8 years, Andrew has cultivated a reputation by providing consultants and advisors with real-time, real-person service regarding innovative solutions, especially in regard to the growing industry requests for not only HSA’s but Lifestyle spending accounts or LSA’s.

Andrew can be reached at andrew @ or (403) 554-8510

Episode 11. Investment compliance and regulations

An interview with Rob Hack, an adviser and a compliance officer of Customplan Financial. The topics discussed are:

  • Compliance in the financial industry
  • Financial fundamentals
  • Saver vs investor
  • Risk definition
  • How to find an advisor
  • How to protect yourself from fraud

Rob Hack

Episode 10. What does it mean to be a financial advisor?

  • What to do before you start as a financial advisor?
  • Advice about what value you can provide clients?
  • What mindset you have to have to start a new business?
  • What qualities a financial advisor must quest to build a successful career?
  • How advisors are paid?
  • What is the difference between NET and GROSS pay?

Derek Tedrick
Forward Financial
tel: (403) 969-0330

Everything you need to know about trusts – conversation with a tax professional

-What is a trust?
-How is a trust established?
-Can you give me some examples of trusts
-How is a trust taxed?
-How similar is it to a corporation?
-What is a family trust?
-Why would you use a family trust?
-How do you set up a family trust?
-How is it taxed?
-What are the disadvantages of a family trust?

About George E. Craven, B.A.(Hons) LL.B. M.Tax.

George has been practicing as a sole tax practitioner in Calgary (Monarch Tax Law) since 2007. His practice focuses on small business corporations including corporate reorganizations, corporate succession planning, tax efficient structuring and inter-vivos family trust planning.
George got his Master of Taxation degree in 2001 and worked at McCarthy Tétrault LLP till 2007
In 2014 George worked as an Adjunct Professor at University of Calgary and University of Lethbridge

George is married and has 6 children, five boys and a girl

George’s interests are steam locomotives, playing the Tuba and watching English soccer with a passion only English people can understand!

George’s site is and his phone number is (403) 265-7066

Estate planning and asset protection with an estate lawyer

-Why do people add their (adult) kids to their homes and bank accounts?
-Why are cabins such a problem in estates?
-My spouse gets everything when I die, right?
-What happens with assets with the second marriage?
-What do business owners need to consider?


Lynne Butler, BA LLB TEP

Lynne was first called to the Alberta Bar in 1986. She moved home to Newfoundland and Labrador in 2012 and was called to the bar here. Lynne have always worked in wills, probate, trusts, powers of attorney, estate litigation, and elder law.

Lynne is the chairperson of the Wills and Estates section of the Newfoundland Bar Admission Course. I am a Course Facilitator (online teacher) for the Legal Writing, Legal Research and Legal Drafting sections of the Alberta Bar Admission Course.
She is the editor of MC², the national magazine of Mensa Canada.
She is the former host of “The Law Show”, a weekly radio program on VOCM Radio.
Lynne has been interviewed about estate-related matters by CPAC, BNN, CityTV, Global TV, CBC Radio, VOCM Radio, the Wall Street Journal, the Globe and Mail, the Edmonton Journal, the Vancouver Province, the Toronto Star, the Montreal Gazette, Maclean’s Magazine, Today’s Parent Magazine, Succession Planning Magazine, Canadian Lawyer Magazine, Cottage Magazine, Advisor’s Edge Magazine, Momstown Magazine, Caregiver Solutions Magazine, and numerous websites.
Lynne is the author of 9 books about estate planning, with the 10th being published in the fall of 2018, and one book about legal history.

-Contact Lynne Butler

What is Findependence? An interview with a financial columnist, blogger and author

What is Findependence and how did the term originate?
What’s the difference between Findependence and Retirement?
How about the difference between Findependence and Victory Lap
Retirement? How did that book come about?
What does Canada’s two-tiered retirement system mean?
How to pensionize a nest egg?
What is the role of annuities?
How to enhance retirement income, delay CPP or OAS?
What are the 4 stages of Retirement?


Jonathan Chevreau is a veteran financial columnist, blogger and author based in Toronto.

In 2014, he launched the Financial Independence Hub, aka, which covers the topic from a North American perspective. It is aimed at both baby boomers and their children, the millennials.  The site has now published more than 1,000 blogs.

He published the financial novel Findependence Day in Canada (Power Publishers, 2008) and a US edition of Findependence Day in the United States (Trafford, 2013, also on Kindle).

Both books make a distinction between traditional “full-stop” retirement and the more useful term, Financial Independence, which the books contract to simply Findependence. In 2014, he also published two concise e-books (also in US and Canadian editions) that summarize the plot and the major financial lessons learned by the characters:  A Novel Approach to Financial Independence (

Jon has also authored several books with traditional book publishers, including The Wealthy Boomer and several editions of Smart Funds, all published by Key Porter Books.

His latest book, co-authored with Mike Drak, is Victory Lap Retirement, was published this fall, and is available at Chapters Indigo and major independent book stores, or online at

He has a large Twitter following at @jonchevreau and uses most other major social media platforms.

Should I incorporate? A conversation with a lawyer

-Who should incorporate?
-What the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating the business
-What is the difference between a corporation and a sole proprietor
-Who should open GST account?
-What is a trade name?
-If you sell online should you open a provincial or federal corporation?
-Should you open a corporation with a lawyer or in the nearest Registry office?

Corrine M. Fiesel has been a practicing lawyer since 2000 and provides services  related to Estate, business and real estate. Corrine is the owner of Legal One Securities & Corporate Law (
She can be reached at (403) 613-5573

Philosophy of retirement, what and how to achieve when you retire

This podcast is not about money

-Uncover the potential when you retire
-What is Philosophy of Retirement?
-What is Retirement Life Plan?
-How is the Retirement Life Plan related to a client’s financial plan?

During Gary’s 26 years in the financial services industry, Gary provided financial advice to thousands of clients. He came to recognize that many of these clients were in need not only of financial advice but non-financial advice as well.

Gary W. Poier, CFP
Email Gary at gary [AT] or call (403) 835-0615

Employment law and contracts for self employed people

-Who should need an employment contract?
-What is the difference between a contractor and an employee?
-How much does a contract cost?
-What happens if there is a dispute?
-How much does a contract cost?
-Should employees seek legal advice regarding their contracts?
-Should you draft a contract yourself?
-How to find the right lawyer?
-What happens if you work for a company located overseas?

Murray Harris is a lawyer in Calgary.  He represents individuals and corporations in commercial and personal legal matters throughout Western   Canada; for a time he was also an Attorney in the Cayman Islands.

Murray primarily focuses on employment, commercial and injury claims.  Murray‘s historical experience is vast.  Some of the more notable retainers include acting on a team of lawyers defending the auditors of the Bernard Madoff funds, as well as defending the directors of the defunct SPHinX Group of Hedge Funds.  Murray also acts for select insurers and Lloyd’s syndicates in property and professional liability matters.

Email Murray at harris [AT] or call (403) 992-2067

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